The Senior Years: How to Stay Fit and Social

The Senior Years: How to Stay Fit and Social

At the senior stage of life, the pressures and day-to-day hustle and bustle of routines begin to slow down. As you approach your senior years, you no longer have to be at work everyday (unless it is by choice) and more than likely all of your kids are grown and busy living their own lives, raising their own families. Having a lack of activity or routine can lead to extreme loneliness or even depression, and certainly that’s not what your golden years are supposed to be about! Here are some fun ways to stay active and fit as you embrace the senior phase of your life!

Group Fitness Classes

Group aerobics classes not only aid in getting your heart rate up and your blood pumping —it’s also a great way to meet new friends! You may find a listing of available classes at your local gym that range from water aerobics to yoga.

As a senior it is important that you stay engaged with physical activity as it provides many benefits to your overall health and well-being. Routine exercise can help prevent chronic illnesses and ailments, memory loss and it can increase flexibility. You will come to find that the more you nurture your body, the better it will respond. Whether you opt to do your workouts at home or regularly attend a class at your local Y, it is imperative that you develop an exercise routine and implement it as much as possible.

Start a Book Club

A lot of people tend to correlate being fit with only physical activity. While physical activity is extremely beneficial, it is important to exercise your mind as well! You may find that the older you get, the more time you spend at home, not engaging your mind in ways that prove to be beneficial. A great way to break that habit is to start a book club with a group of friends! Starting a club does not have to be tedious or strenuous, you can actually solicit members of your church or even your neighbors to join. Once a month you or other members will select a book for everyone to read individually, and on a select day, you all will meet and discuss what you have read. Starting a book club is a great way to keep you mentally sharp, jog your imagination and stay social! Each month you are guaranteed to be surrounded by good company to discuss a piece of literature.

Become a Tutor

Few things are as rewarding as working with young people. If you were a teacher, professor, or other kind of educator in your younger years, you might consider giving tutoring a try. Of course, if you don’t have education experience but simply want to help young kids strengthen their grasp of the “three R’s,” working as a tutor is a great way to do so. Chances are your one-on-one conversations with kids and teens will make you feel a little younger yourself. They’ll appreciate getting help outside their stuffy school environment, and you’ll add a bit more socializing to your life--it’s a win-win.

Become a Neighborhood Dog Walker

There is no better way to stay fit and social than developing relationships with a few of your neighboring furry friends. If you have the time and capability in your newly relaxed schedule, going for a walk around the neighborhood with a few pets is a great way to stay active! Some of your neighbors may not have the flexibility to tend to their dogs as much as they like, and you will be a trusted person to take their companion out while they are away at work! Spending time with dogs not only increases your mood and overall happiness, it also has health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and stress levels. Becoming the neighborhood (or even block) dog walker is a fun, friendly way to get engaged with your community!

The golden years are meant to be just that —golden. Instead of spending your days secluded in the house, make it a point to get out and stay moving! Not only are the health benefits amazing, you will also come to enjoy this new transition in life!