Top 8 Supplements For Overall Health & Wellness

1. PROBIOTIC: ProBioMax Daily DF (Xymogen) does not have to be refrigerated (vacuum-sealed in a nitrogen blister pack) and safe for daily use.

2. VITAMIN D: Vitamin D3 5000 (Douglas) least expensive and raises levels fast (for about $10).

3. FATTY ACID: For eyes: OmegaPure DHA (Xymogen); for regular: OmegaMonoPure 1300 EC (Xymogen) MonoPure 1300 is a one-a-day, emulsified to bypass liver for better absorption.

4. DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: Bromelain Plus CLA (Biotics) this is a great and very clean enzyme that people buy over and over again because it works.

5. COQ10: CoQzyme 30, 60 count (Biotics) 30mg is equivalent to 88mg due to it having been emulsified so it bypasses the liver.

6. MULTIVITAMIN: Mitocore (Orthomolecular) has all the bells and whistles without the price tag and is great for those who want a little extra kick. Great for fatigue!

7. CONSTIPATION: Sculpt N’ Cleanse (Health Direct)

5. SLEEP: MetaRest (Nutritibiotic)

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