FDA Drug Shortages

The growing drug shortage problem is impacting a range of patient conditions and issues from oral antibiotics that allow pediatric and elderly patients unable to swallow pills to take their medicine, to treatments for leukemia and chemotherapy, to name just a few. Recently, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) named over 200 medicines on its drug shortage list. During a recent FDA-sponsored forum on drug shortages, a representative from the Drug Information Resource Center (DIRC) reported tracking 210 “new” shortages over the first nine months of 2011, with more than 260 cumulative shortages, new and ongoing.

Compounding pharmacists play an important role in providing access to discontinued medications and drugs in short supply by compounding the specific drug—based on a physician’s prescription, using pharmaceutical base ingredients to help ensure that patients get the critical care they require.

PCCA member pharmacists have access to the highest quality pharmaceutical ingredients from PCCA, and can fulfill a prescription using the latest research, quality control processes, and testing technologies to create compounded medications that meet the individual needs of patients. Compounding may provide a solution to your drug shortage-related problem.

Why Do Drug Shortages Happen?

There has been a growing number of drug shortages and discontinuations in recent years, causing concern for both patients and physicians alike. Some point to the growth of mass drug manufacturing as a cause for this shift in medicinal production; some facilities are limited by the number of drugs they can manufacture due to safety and sterility concerns, while others decide to cease production of a particular drug in favor of newer, more profitable drugs. Regardless of the cause, the reality is that this situation leaves many people without access to the medication they require.

How Do Drug Shortages Impact Compounding?

As more and more drugs disappear from the consumer market, the presence of compounding pharmacies becomes even more important. Pharmaceutical compounding allows for pharmacists to compound medications for patients on an individual basis, supporting people to gain access to the medications they need.

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