Galveston TX

Texas Star Pharmacy is a family-owned and operated pharmacy near Galveston TX dedicated to helping our clients improve and manage their health. We are a full-service pharmacy offering services and medications to all our patients regardless of the disease.

Having been in the industry for 20 years, we understand that all our clients are different, which is why we strive to provide each client with personalized care and personalized medication.

We have one of the most competent and experienced teams of pharmacists, all dedicated to meeting the individual needs of our clients.


As a full-service pharmacy near Galveston TX, we offer services that most patients cannot find in other pharmacies, including:

Compounding medication
Medications can sometimes come with ingredients that you are either allergic to or cause negative side effects. If your medication comes in a form that affects you in any way, we are here to make custom medication for you to meet your specific needs, including strength and flavor.

Our compounding professionals have undergone the right training and have the perfect skill set to make custom medication in the form of topical solutions, pills, suspensions, or syrups.

Before we start the compounding process, you will have to consult with a pharmacist who will identify all your medication needs and what you need in your personalized medication.

Free medication delivery
We understand that some of our patients near Galveston TX can be too sick to come to the pharmacy or have busy schedules. At Texas Star Pharmacy, we will deliver your medications to your doorstep via courier for free.

To get your medication, you only need to call us when your prescription is due, and one of our employees will be at your door within 15 minutes.

Medication therapy management
Sometimes taking certain medications could cause side effects or health conditions you did not anticipate. At Texas Star Pharmacy, we will help you understand your medications, assess any unnecessary prescriptions, and determine if certain medications are causing you secondary health complications.

If we find any medication combination that is causing you health issues, we will design a better way for you to take them to maximize the benefits and reduce the side effects.

If there are any unnecessary medications, we will either remove them from your medications or substitute them with medication that will be better and more effective.

We also inform you of all the side effects you might be experiencing from old medications or ones you may experience after taking any new medication we give you.

Free wellness consultation
A wellness consultation is a non-judgmental and collaborative process that helps our patients identify and achieve their wellness and overall health goals.

If you want to learn how to change or eliminate certain unhealthy behaviors, learn new healthy behaviors, or wish to adjust your wellness goals, we have a pharmacist near Galveston TX who will always be ready to talk to you.

We help understand your wellness goals and suggest some of the best ways to reach them, including practical skills, diet changes, and social behavior. That way, your mental, physical, and social life will be at its best.

Hormone medication
Hormone replacement therapy is a combination of progestin and estrogen we use to help women deal with certain menopause symptoms. It helps replace the hormones that the body is no longer producing to help reduce symptoms like hot flashes and vaginal symptoms.

Depending on the type of hormone therapy, we let you know the risks and side effects you might experience and how we can help you manage them.

If we give it in the form of pills, we recommend taking it around the same time daily to avoid forgetting.

Veterinary medication
We not only take care of your health but also want your pets to be the best. We can create custom medication to help treat a variety of your pet’s illnesses. We also help treat broken or fractured bones and skin infections.

Weight loss medication
If you want to lose excess weight in any part of your body, we are here to help with our weight loss medication near Galveston TX. Before we administer the medication, we assess your overall health, age, and weight.