Meet Texas Star Pharmacy

Texas Star Pharmacy is an innovative complete multi-service compounding pharmacy located in Plano, Texas. We can fill any of your healthcare need from the simplest to the more complex, from routine prescriptions to customized compounding pharmaceutical solutions, For your convenience, we offer wound care products, durable medical equipment, orthopedic support wear and therapeutic compression garments.

Our staff is trained to set the standard in patient care and pride themselves in attention to detail, especially when you need hard to find or discontinued products.

To determine the needs of our patients, a close triad relationship between the physician, the patient and the pharmacist is crucial. Our staff works closely with the physician and patient to find solutions to individual healthcare challenges.

In larger cities, we rarely find anything more than quick stop markets on every corner that also sell prescriptions in the back. Many of these have lost the personal touch and caring that should come with service to our community. If we don’t have a product, we can probably find it. As your neighborhood pharmacy, we strive to be your healthcare problem solvers. We want to be the solution to all your healthcare needs.

At Texas Star, we want to help you solve your medication nightmares, not only with competitive prices, but also with the type of service you won’t find in many places. At Texas Star, we think of our patients as part of our own family, not just as a prescription to be filled.

If there is anything that you would like for us to carry, please contact our pharmacy. We would be happy to help you.