Our wellness consultations are specifically customized for each patient with the objective of making lasting improvements in their quality of life. To determine the needs of each patient, we’ve designed an approach which fosters a close relationship between patient, physician and our Doctors of Pharmacy.

As a part of our program, we can address a variety of issues that include: Weight loss/body composition, bio-identical hormone balancing for women and men, nutritional support, comprehensive drug review, pain/inflammation issues, thyroid/adrenal issues, stress, fatigue, anti-aging and more.


1) Make an appointment with at least one day in advance. Call: 972-519-8475 to schedule with a staff member.

2) Complete intake forms prior to first appointment. Bring forms and a current list of prescriptions and OTC vitamins, shakes, bars, etc. in a bag to the initial appointment.

3) Upon completion of your first consultation, laboratory tests may requested from your physician. We will review and make a customized recommendation for the physician's approval.

4) You will then be scheduled for an appointment with our Doctor of Pharmacy to review the recommendations and begin your personalized health plan.

Our onsite compounding pharmacy allows us to provide you with customized medications. Additionally, we offer pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements that may be added as a part of your overall treatment plan.

Our wellness consultations are designed to improve your quality of life and are designed to be unique to each patient!

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Dr. Donna Barsky

Credentials: American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Member, Doctor of Pharmacy, MTM (Medicine Therapy Management), Certified Diabetic Counselor, Pharmaceutical preceptor (trains pharmacists) functional medicine expert, compounding “guru” for sterile and non-sterile compounds.

Dr. Donna Barsky received her Bachelor of Science degree in education in 1972, her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 1979 and completed her Doctorate of Pharmacy in 1999. She ran her own pharmacy relief service for independent pharmacies and nursing home consulting practice from 1980 until April 2006. She opened Texas Star Pharmacy, a full-service independent pharmacy, in Plano, Texas in June 2006. Donna also has been a compounding pharmacist for over 30 years and has worked with many doctors developing unique solutions to assist patients in improving their health.