We understand you cannot make it to our pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions so let use come to you! Texas Star Pharmacy offers FREE home delivery to our surrounding area. Ask us about free delivery to all of Dallas, Forth Worth and other Major Texas Metropolitan area.

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Our COVID-19 response

We appreciate your business and we want to reassure you that we are aware of the COVID-19 situation and are monitoring it closely. We continue to follow guidance from the CDC, state Department of Health, and local authorities. We remain dedicated to serving the needs of our patients and our community.

We plan to regularly clean and disinfect counters, waiting areas and other spaces where public interaction occurs with an EPA-approved disinfectant. We will clean at least every hour or after every 10 patients, whichever is more frequent.

We now carry Immune Booster Supplements. Order Online or call us.

No insurance needed.
Call us with questions: 972-519-8475

Get your prescriptions delivered to your home for FREE

In order to support our community and patients we can now deliver your prescription for free in our immediate service areas.

For the rest of Dallas Fort Worth service areas and other major Texas and Oklahoma cities a small minimum order may apply.

Curbsite pickup is also available.

You can also call us at the pharamcy to get
your prescriptions delivered: 972-519-8475

How can we help you?


Pharmacy Services

We offer a variety of services including: Delivery, Medication Synchronization, Immunizations, Compounding, Home Health Care products and more!


Need your medication in a different strength, form or even flavor? We’re prepared to meet your unique needs and provide high quality medications through our compounding services.


We are proud to offer medication for a variety of different health conditions including: Dermatology, Addiction Management, Multiple Sclerosis, Oncology and more!


We have certified and trained doctors of pharmacy who administer immunizations right in the store, and no appointments are necessary!

Free Delivery

Enjoy free medication delivery straight to your door. We understand you can’t always make it to the pharmacy. Ask us how you can get your medications delivered at no cost.

We believe through

our patients will achieve a superior level of health & wellness.

Texas Star Pharmacy is built on one philosophy; that our patients’ health and well-being are our primary focus. We treat our patients as part of our family. We are committed to delivering the best quality solutions for our patients’ health at the best possible cost. We ensure the best solutions through our compound pharmacy, granting us the ability to make new medications suited for your needs.

What is Compounding?

Compounding can be described as creating a medication from “scratch”. The need for compounding usually starts with an issue taking your current medication. View our compounding page to learn how you and your family can benefit from a compounded medication from Texas Star Pharmacy.

Hard to Find Medication

Hard to find medication or medication that is no longer produced

Custom Medicine

Hard to find medication or medication that is no longer produced

Personalized For You

Personalized medication for humans, animals and pets

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy that is unique for every woman

Pain Management

Pain management for sport injuries, shingles, burning mouth syndrome and more

How our prescriber concierge service works


Dedicated pharmacy team member

Each prescriber has a dedicated pharmacy team member that will answer all of your calls and is familiar with your practice

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Pharmacist Consultations

Our dedicated Compounding Pharmacist can answer questions related to the compounding services and formulations which you might encounter during your practice.

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Prescriber Portal

Our prescriber portal is customized for your practice to make prescribing effortless. Prescriber portal has preloaded forms specific to your prescribing patterns to easily and quickly prescribe medications. 


Medication Delivery

Our dedicated team can ensure delivery of medications to your office to minimize patient therapy and prescriber practice disruptions..

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Request refills, look up prescriptions, see your medication history, set medication reminders and more.

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