Scar Therapy

Scars may reflect events in life – good or bad – but they don’t have to be permanent or define who we are. Compounding can help scar wounds heal over time.

Whether your scar is related to a skin condition, injury, surgery, burn or cut – compounding can provide a solution to help. Texas Star Pharmacy can create custom topical medication to assist in achieving therapeutic goals of our patients.

Ideal for all types of scar tissue including:

– new scars
– old scars
– surgical scars
– keloids
– stretch marks
– hyper pigmented scars
– burns
– acne scars
– any skin condition that would benefit from barrier protection

Compounding is key

A simple over-the-counter medication may not be available for you. However our compounding team can work with you and your doctor to find a solution right for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions about compounded wound and scar management.