You may be getting older, but you don’t have to show it. At Texas Star Pharmacy we can create a custom antidote for ageing skin in men and women through custom compounding.

Our compounds are applied topically and help improve the appearance of skin by delivering nutrients necessary for healthy skin. Through compounding medications we can achieve alternatives for dermatology and our compounding staff works to bring you the best aesthetic and therapeutic results.

Skin Protection

As humans grow older our skin inevitably shows wrinkles and age spots. Though we cannot stop the aging of skin, we can try to slow it down. Many factors cause the wrinkling and loss of elasticity that come with growing older. This includes:

– Fatigue
– Smoking
– Stress
– Pore-clogging makeup
– Air Pollution
– Harsh soaps and detergents
– Sun

Everyone’s skin is different which is why our compounding team will work with you and your doctor to create a solution that works for you and your skin. Results can be both short and long-term.

Healthier and younger skin

Through compounding and cosmeceuticals, we can help your skin look years younger with reduced wrinkles and protected smooth looking skin. Our compounds are created specifically for your skin. Ask us how we can help create a custom compounding solution for your skin. Call us at: 972-519-8475